Bandweberei und Museum Kafka

Hello and welcome to the Kafka ribbon weaving mill

A fascinating tradition that is still alive today

We are pleased to welcome you to our website and invite you to join us on an exciting voyage of discovery. The following pages provide you with information and inspiration as well as the history and anecdotes about the ribbon weaving mill and the old, lovingly cared-for weaving looms. They are all still running today and are as such living contemporary witnesses of 19th century culture and industrialization.


Come with us and let the colors, patterns and fine ribbons surprise you. You will be amazed at how marvelously the values of former times and modern lifestyle can be combined here. 


You might even like to visit us in the beautiful town of Wuppertal and experience the special flair and the “woven traditions” in our weaving mill live. We would be delighted to show you our treasures in person.