Bandweberei und Museum Kafka

Immerse yourself in a rich history.

Finest quality for over 100 years.

The Bandweberei Kafka (ribbon weaving mill Kafka) originated from a weaving mill in the town of Wuppertal-Langerfeld which was founded by Bernhard Mardey as a “rental factory” in 1898. Since that time the lovingly cared-for Jacquard weaving looms have been clattering and rattling away tirelessly producing wonderful ribbons in all variations.


However, some 30 years ago the weaving mill was no longer able to work efficiently by just producing labels and simple ribbons. The ribbon weaving mill was saved by Frauke Kafka in 1981. She not only invested her money in the business, but also her dedication, passion – and above all her extraordinary creativity. Mrs Kafka continued to run the mill successfully for almost 20 years as a living museum. She designed a unique collection of traditional, old ribbons – in new colors – and implemented an increasing number of her own designs for woven ribbons in the years that followed.


In summer of 2010 the Bandweberei Kafka moved into a new spacious, listed building in Wuppertal-Langerfeld in order to house the ever-growing collection of ribbons, literature and illustrative materials. In the new buildings employees and friends of the weaving mill will be able to ensure that the old weaving looms and their techniques can be preserved for future generations.