Bandweberei und Museum Kafka

Discover the tradition of endless ribbon weaving.

Old weaving looms in a completely new light

As they did more than 100 years ago, they continue to do their job faithfully and reliably, producing yard for yard of ribbons in colors and patterns that have almost cult status in the meantime, true rarities which are admired by fans throughout the world. These include new designs by Frauke Kafka and old classics, as well as labels or initials – the current range comprises 450 patterns – in innumerable color variations. Animals, flowers, angels, tendrils, Christmas designs, geometric patterns and and and... There is no limit to the imagination.


Up to 850 individual cardboard pattern cards which are made by the weavers using a special machine – the card puncher - are required for just one pattern. These individual cards are then sown together to make a continuous chain and painstakingly installed on a weaving loom.

Only then can the actual weaving process begin and the weaving loom be set up. The colorful yarn bobbins are inserted, the weaving loom “reads” the holes punched into the individual consecutive pattern cards and the ribbon’s pattern begins to emerge after just a few inches.