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Discover the tradition of endless ribbon weaving.

Joseph-Marie Jacquard’s precious heritage.

In 1806 the Frenchman Joseph-Marie-Jacquard invented a revolutionary technique that replaced the cylinders normally used up until then for weaving with the method of pattern cards which are joined together to form a continuous chain. The warp yarns no longer needed to be painstakingly pulled by hand; endless patterns of any complexity could thus be produced mechanically. A hole punched into a cardboard card allows the thread to be raised, if there is no hole then the thread is lowered. Brilliantly simple and simply brilliant. The principle became a standard: In 1812 some 18,000 Jacquard weaving looms were in operation in France.


This prosperous age is long past, but there are still roughly 25 Jacquard weaving looms in use today in our industrial museum which have stood the test of time wonderfully thanks to the weavers’ loving care. Visiting us gives you a closer look into industrial culture of former centuries.

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